On Your Health

On Your Health

Some days are easy breezy. You wake up in a great mood, your hair looks terrific and the sun is shining. Other days you wake up and drink all the coffee, hate your clothes, stub your toe and wonder how you’re going to get through the day. To reduce the latter and increase the former, take action!

This is at the top of the list for a reason. We can talk all day about making gratitude lists or exercise, but if your brain chemistry is out of whack, or if you are experiencing a clinical depression or other mental illness, you need medical care. That may be talk therapy, or it may be medication, but getting treatment for a mental malady is just like getting treatment for a physical one. And just like you wouldn’t try to eat fiber or apply sunscreen to heal a broken leg, you shouldn’t suffer with a mood disorder or mental health issue, either, or try to treat it with tactics that can’t work.

INTEGRIS offers free mental health screenings as well as comprehensive services for people of virtually every age. Whatever you’re struggling with, we want to help you find the path back. Learn more here.

26 Ways to Instantly Feel Better When You’re Down

26 Ways to Instantly Feel Better When You’re Down

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life. However, some know how to feel better more quickly, as they’ve found unique remedies to negative feelings. If you’re not one of those people and still struggle to get up when you’re feeling down, we have some suggestions to help.

It’s important to recognize and feel negative emotions when they arise, but it’s also imperative that you don’t stay there too long. Use some of the following tips and tricks to overcome negative self-talk and emotions and get back to feeling like the best version of yourself.

Do something nice for someone else.

This doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can compliment a relative, make dinner for your roommate, or if you have the means, donate to an organization doing good right now. On top of definitely making someone else’s day more pleasant, doing something nice for other people might make you feel a little better too.

As a godmother to two beautiful cats, I’m often treated to videos and photos from their owners, and it does boost my mood for a second. “I play with my dog way more now,” Kimberly says, adding that she sometimes fears she’s annoying her pup with all of the extra attention. Snuggling and playing with your pet (or watching videos of snuggly animals) is good for you, and if your pet really needs space, they’ll probably find a way to let you know.

Acquire a low-maintenance skill.

There’s a lot of talk about learning to sew or writing books, but new skills can involve costly equipment and a stressful learning curve. Instead of doing all of that, experimenting with a simple pleasure might spark joy and result in a new hobby. “Honestly, cutting through garlic has been so soothing for me,” Janice B., 27, tells SELF of her newfound love of slicing garlic. “My boyfriend is so confused about it.”

In the interest of doing what feels good, we highly recommend a little sex or masturbation to boost your mood if you feel like it. Sex has stress-relieving benefits whether you do it with a partner or alone. That said, you’re far from alone if you’re not remotely into the idea of any type of sexual contact during this time, or if it changes from day to day. Try to go with what you feel and forget the rest.



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