Portrait of a Difficult Customer Through a Marketer’s Eyes

Not every customer is the same and for everyone their needs are different, you can read about this in the essay on customer services. There are people you will sell an idea to, and they will never get it. Do not meltdown because yourself before actually selling to them, you already know them. You already have a picture of what the reaction will be. Such could affect what comes out of your mouth; they are an infection that will injure your potential to sell. You need to know what they are and fight them if you can. They are as follows:


Aggressive personality


A customer makes choices, and they do not feel sorry about. They are wrong, but they cannot say they are wrong. From a marketer’s eyes, this is all right, that the customer bought something, did not feel good about it and they had to express their unhappiness through anger and aggression. Approaching an aggressive customer can be scary. To make a sale to this person, you need to empathize with them, offer solutions and a good after service customer support.


Impatient person


Not all customers are willing to wait; they can spot something buy it to get home to find it not quite the type they need and come back requiring immediate attention. This customer has already decided which you already know of, that they have settled on a specific item and you might ignore them. However, doing the reverse could be vital for you and them. Knowing within yourself that they cannot wait,  means you need to appreciate their patience, relax them and offer required assistance.


Silent Individual


Some customers do not know what they want and you need to know what to do with them. They are not friends of detail. You approach them because you already know they cannot talk to you. They are looking around knowing very well that you have something for them. They are quite abstract in their descriptions that you have to look for those specifics to get them what they want so that they decide. If you know that you are involved with one of this nature, be ready to clarify and win them, because it is still good for business; use some energy to get money.


The complaining client


People complain even before they know what you are selling to them. They might be confusing your product for a disappointing one. They will resist the moment they see you approaching; they will stop you from where they are or point out a mistake they view on you. They notice everything about you and shift from the issue at hand. You might not know why they are complaining but asking what the problem could have been could change their mind in an instant.


The Know it all


You could be an expert and one that knows about your product more than anyone does. You know very well that there is a customer who believes they know about the product better. They are wrong but how do you make them buy when they know your product is wrong. They are proud people, and you need to boost that part of them and still tell them the truth gradually. You will be surprised when they end up buying the product.

The goal is to show understanding and make them feel smart at the same time. The product will do the rest for you because the customer already believes in it.


All these pictures are in your mind. You already know the kind of customer you are dealing. Your instinct is right that they are wrong, but you need to show empathy and motivate sales. You need to influence opinion, and all that can be made by believing in what they think and gradually change them to believe in what you believe in for useful purposes.

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