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Our highly customized consulting services fall into three categories:


Blending our hands-on knowledge of and experimentation with new media channels along with proven case-based teaching methods, we design and deliver customized workshops for clients who seek to fill out their awareness and understanding of channels relevant to their business, and provide a thorough and consistent set of facts and understanding across their senior executive teams, for better decision-making and execution.

Foundational Research and Solution Design

Applying a proprietary set of tools we collectively call our Channel PathwaysTM framework, we conduct primary research into how a client's customers use all major available interfaces (whether controlled by the client or not), such as branches, call centers, web sites, mobile devices, and kiosks to find, consider, purchase, and service the client's products and/ or services. Using this research, we identify which customers have what problems, where, and why. We then use this information to focus solution development efforts on the opportunities with the greatest potential impact and practical feasibility.

Implementation Leadership and Support

Leveraging our extensive network of relationships, we are often able to act as "general contractors" for implementing our solutions. In other client settings we continue to act as "architects" working side by side with others playing the general contractor role. In both cases, our services extend to seeing our solutions through to launch and beyond in order to retain maximum fidelity to the ideas that informed them, and consequently, to the promised results.

A mutually safe first step: a one-week diagnostic (scheduled over a month's time):

  • Identify and diagnose performance gaps with respect to individual interfaces and the hand-offs between and among interfaces
  • Benchmark your interface system against the relevant competition (inside or outside your industry)
  • Identify potential opportunities for enhancement of interfaces and interface systems, and determine at what cost
  • Quantify the operating and financial opportunity
  • Build the investment plan and business case for moving ahead

From there: A three-phase roadmap for self-funding ROI in under twelve months:


Conduct Experience MonitorTM market research to discover and diagnose improvement opportunities within individual channels and across the entire interface system (typically 1-2 weeks)

Conduct Channel PathwaysTM analysis to confirm diagnostic and prioritize solutions (typically 4-6 weeks)


Develop strategies, process flows and set of business rules for creating a seamless cross-channel experience (typically 12-16 weeks)


Our role can range from facilitators to master integrators to running an "Experience Reengineering" Program Management Office (PMO): to recruit, contract, orchestrate, manage all players under cross-functional sponsorship to deliver and sustain solutions and results.

Best Face Forward

Learn more about Best Face Forward, by Jeffrey Rayport and Bernard Jaworski (Harvard Business School Press, 2005).