Social Media, Networking Sites and Applications

Any platform used in sharing of information, communication and idea transformation can be referred to as a social media. Social media is commonly known as networking sites. Some examples of social media or networking sites include; Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn among others. Other information sharing platforms such as Wikipedia and Google scholar can also be categorized as networking sites. On the other hand, applications are written and coded computer programs that are designed by individuals called programmers with an aim of fulfilling the utility of certain users. There are lots of applications worldwide that satisfies various human wants. Most common applications are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Networking sites and applications are always linked together since most of the networking sites are designed to provide services to the users in form of a program that has been codded to form an application. Social media can be of an advantage or disadvantage to the user based on how he or she uses it. The essay talks about the pros and cons of social media and the impacts that applications to us as users.

Social media has a lot of advantages. Firstly, through social media there is improved customer service and efficient response to feedback (Khurana, 1). For the business companies and majority of the industries in the world they have social media handle such as Twitter and Facebook. Through the handles the customers are able to give a feedback of the services offered to them or even the satisfaction they obtained from a product sold to them by a company. As such the management will improve on its service and product by going through the feedback posted by their clients on their social media handles. Secondly, social media has led to wide and fast sharing of information worldwide (Shin, 191). Most people are registered members of the social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram and if any kind of information is posted in any of the platforms then it spreads quickly to reach many people with a click of a button (Khurana, 4). Thirdly, many people have taken advantage of social media and have turned it into a market of product of goods and services. Social media has been turned into a place where buyers and sellers met thus one can sell a product by posting it online in some of the networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for people to see and also on can visit any of the platforms to purchase a product or look for particular services needed.

Other than the advantages of social media there are disadvantage as well. Fraud is one of the major disadvantage of social media (Jain, Anand & Gupta, 59). People will agree social media is a market for goods and services but since there is no face to face indulgent between the buyer and seller one can be easily coned with a fake product or even payment without delivery. Another disadvantage of social media is time wastage (Khurana, 3). Most of the people especially the youths spent most of their time on social media than the time they use to do anything else.

Applications have greatly impacted our lives as users. Through applications most of the manual processes have been made easier. Examples of such include buying and selling of products ((Jain, Anand & Gupta, 75). Other that going to the market to sell or purchase a product one can use applications such as Amazon, Jumia and Kilimall to do the necessary purchases and selling and delivery can be done in the case of purchase of a product (Shin, 191). Banks applications is another example. Instead of going to a bank and making long queues one can use a bank application to do the necessary transactions at any place any time. Applications can also be attributed to the fact that it has impacted our lives in a negative direction by instilling laziness in most of the people (Jain, Anand & Gupta, 62). Since everything can be automated to an application then laziness has resulted as many opt to go online and work using an application rather than manual.

In summation, social media or networking sites have lots of advantages and disadvantages and can bring people together or separate them. When embraced in a positive manner social media can be of great advantage to many since services and products provided to the customers can be improved and be of great quality. Information sharing will be key and the illiteracy level will reduce thus covering the gap between the educated and less educated. Applications have greatly changed the life style of many individuals. Work has me automated and made easier. Access to services such as bank services has been made possible anytime and everywhere thus sorting the problem of emergencies. Based on the above essay the advantages of social media and the networking sites outweigh the disadvantages and therefore should be used for the right purpose and not to a personal advantage and gain that will cost others and applications have really made life easier anywhere and at all times and therefore should not be taken advantage of to bring about laziness.

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